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Hand Trucks

Hand trucks are used everywhere, and A Plus Warehouse stocks them nationwide. Hand trucks go by various names. They have been called wheelers, two wheelers, dollies, 2 wheel dollies, and Magliners. Magliner is manufactured by Magline – one of the premier manufacturers in our industry. Other strong hand truck lines include Wesco, Vestil, B & P, Fairbanks, Hamilton and Faultless. A Plus Warehouse maintains relationships with important manufacturers.

hand trucks
Convertible Hand Trucks
appliance hand trucks
folding hand trucks
Drum and Cylinder Trucks
appliance hand trucks
Hand Trucks
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Super Size Me Hand Truck
appliance hand trucks
Battery Powered Stair Climbing Appliance Trucks

Appliance hand trucks have a short nose plate and typically have straps and in many cases pop out support wheels. These trucks are especially good at moving washers, dryers, and refrigerators. With the pop out wheels, the operator doesn’t need to worry about balancing a 350 pound appliance – the wheels handle it. Wesco makes an appliance hand truck that includes a motor and battery. In this case, the appliance hand truck powers stair climbing treads. For an extra few hundred dollars, you get a machine that climbs stairs with only a bit of human guidance. A trained young mover will probably find this to be a waste – but a middle aged person, or a young person of average back and arm strength would be very pleased to use a Wesco or Escallera appliance dolly.

The best name in aluminum dollies is Magline. Wesco Manufacturing produces product of similar quality at a lower price point. For customers who are brand aware, we certainly can sell the Magline line of product. Those who are more value conscious can purchase Wesco or Fairbanks aluminum trucks from A Plus Warehouse. Folding hand carts are handy for consumer use. Bands use this family of two wheelers due to their small size and ability to handle items weighing less than 100 pounds. We do not recommend folding hand trucks for loads much over 100 pounds.

Milwaukee hand trucks are a very popular line of economy steel wheelers. Some customers prefer Harper, Wesco or Hamilton for steel hand trucks. In fact, Milwaukee is a great value for standard capcity, but other lines are more applicable to 500 pound loads. Another interesting hand truck is the convertible hand truck.

The Cobra is a hand truck that collapses into a platform cart that measures the size of the truck frame. If you imagine a load of boxes that protrudes from the two wheeler 36 inches, you can see that tipping the load back would be awkward at the lease – and also nose plate extensions don’t go to 3 feet. In a case like that, convert the Cobra to a platform cart and use it as one.

The Vestil Hydra is a truck that lifts! With this item, you can raise a load to about shoulder height by foot power or hand crank depending on the model. Genie also makes a mini lifter. This is a handy item because it is the middle ground between using arm power and being awkward in loading or unloading, which is always a bad idea – and using a forklift truck.

Whatever your needs, we are here to help and look forward to being of assistance.

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